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      Review  Lori Flemm, TEACH Magazine, 2000

Chore and Behavior Systems


This issue we are covering an area dear to my heart. I have long been engrossed in trying to find the perfect chore and behavior system for my family to use. This illusive system must be easy to implement, inexpensive, appealing to mother and children, and of course, effective. Here are my favorites.   From Combat Zone to Love at Home by Debbie Preece

“This 72-page book explains how to implement what is called “The Happy Face Token System.”

Two different sources recently have caused me to re-evaluate our thinking about rewarding children for doing “what they’re supposed to do anyway.”

One was evangelical pastor and author John Piper, who musters up some pretty strong theological arguments that God wants us to serve Him with His rewards in view, not try to ignore His rewards and just serve Him because it’s right to do so. He cites many, many Scriptures, but to mention just one, “He who comes to Cod must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” Hebrews 11:6.

If we are to take the Lord God as our model in raising children, then the implication is that we should also provide appropriate rewards. I have never wanted to bribe our children into compliance, so I found the excerpt (about a bribe, blessing and reward) from Debbie Preece's book very interesting:

It is important to note, lest anyone be concerned that a reward system would have the effect of causing parents to “wink at sin;’ this system also mandates the loss of rewards (tokens) for disobedience or failing to fulfill responsibilities.

This book is packed with fun ideas like “The Slothful Servant Quarantine;’ as well as practical charts and ideas.  Altogether a very valuable resource to aid you in child training and setting up and enforcing chores.”

Author’s NOTE:  This book has been completely reformatted and has 160 full color pages.  A COMBATMOM day planner ($30 value) is given free with your order.

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