Good parenting is an exhaustive job if we want to raise children that contribute to a positive atmosphere in home and society.  It doesn't just happen because it's supposed to be that way.   With the Happy Face Token System,  you have parental control  of every aspect of the system.  The children get to help you make the list, because what is on the list consists of their daily work and play experience.  They want what is on the list because it's important to them.  Where it becomes important to you is in how you price the items.

         Take a look at the Reward list  notice how the prices go from 5 - 100.  5 means: I don't care if I do it all the time because I do it anyway.  100 means: I hate it and I really don't want it to happen very often, but because I can control how many tokens the child earns and loses, when I'm ready to let that thing happen, it will!

 The Happy Face Token System is based on the needs of the parent.  I know that seems contraindicated, but as the parent you have the stewardship of your children.  They are a gift from God and He wants you to be successful in your parenting experience.

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Children don’t have the right to hold parents hostage!  When children whine with "you owe me!" You simply say, Thanks for contributing your services to build our happy family for FREE!

“I never thought of it this way, but now I will.”  This is where    love at home becomes a mission of happy possibilities.