Review  by Lisadrea Wentland  2012

     From Combat Zone to Love at Home by Debbie Preece

I am LOVING From Combat Zone to Love at Home! We have begun to implement it & are awe-struck by the results we're already receiving. My almost-9-year-old son is motivated toward goals (of wii time, in particular) like never before, and we love the idea of blessing our kids rather than always "being on them." I had seen a Pinterest post recently about the Proverb "A soft answer turns away wrath" where families put pompoms into a jar when people speak respectfully to one another in the family. We took your ideas & smooshed them together with that idea. Our "bank" of what you call Happy Face Tokens is decorated with that verse (calligraphied & Mod Podged on), and the jar is full of colorful pompoms. We call them our Pompom Wampum! Each child has a jar with a verse re: sons or daughters (Prov. 1:8-9; 1 Peter 3:6). We took our Accountable Kids board cards & wrote the pompom value of all expected chores so it is clear to everyone (making bed, getting dressed, setting table each valued at 2 points if done without prompting, 1 point if done when asked, no pompoms if you have to be reminded...etc.), thereby combining yet another system with yours. Where Accountable Kids failed us, though, this fills in the gap. Where Celebrate Calm gave us the guilt about our yelling voices, you gave us the solution to move from that to blessings. Sheesh, I cannot say enough about the system's effect on our family. I have already told another mom about it, and will continue to spread the news!”

Mom Coimmand Center-From Combat Zone to Love at Home: Debbie Preece

Step by step Christian Parenting techniques & instruction for success! For

Each chapter helps you get closer to your  BEST MOM MISSION.  

Becoming Best Mom using the Happy Face Token Systen: Confidence test

Learn many “Gardening tips for success”.

The Happy Face Tokens fill in the blanks.

Did God Bribe Adam and Eve NOT to take the fruit?

                                         ompletely revised with 160 full color pages.)

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