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What the Bible says about parenting tips

Parenting From The Garden

Step by step instruction for success!

Each chapter helps you get closer to your BEST MOM MISSION!

The Happy Face Tokens fill in the blanks.

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I have been using the system for about 3 weeks, and you are right. It is remarkable. The positive change in my children's attitudes (at least most of the time)has been great. My 2 boys are finding that working together to achieve a common goal is really beneficial to all of us. What a blessing it is to have my children showing the desire to serve not only me, but one another too. S. Lacey

Your book is an answer to prayer. I told the Lord I just didn't know how I could continue unless something changed. Then I bought your book at the Homeschool fair in OKC. What a blessing. For the first time I could see some hope. Maria M., Fort Sill, OK

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I'm the mom of 7 with 6 children still living at home. This system has been a huge blessing in curbing arguments and slothfulness. The earning of tokens help children work towards a goal and feel a sense of accomplishment by achievement.

With a risk-free guarantee, I don't know why anybody wouldn't try it. Consistency is the key. Thanks so much for helping keep peace in our home!! :)  Jenn